How to have a wedding on a shoestring budget

I’m often asked “I’m on a budget, how can I get married on the cheap”. Or “We need to do this quickly and inexpensively. Can you help?” Contact me!

Of course I can help and it certainly can be done on a tight budget! Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean that the wedding has to be done in a courthouse somewhere, or in some drab or ugly environment.

An inexpensive wedding, a wedding on a very tight budget, can be held in many beautiful places that are absolutely FREE.  Courtesy of mother nature!

Let’s view our choices.

  • Cliffside. On a cliff overlooking the beach is a wonderful spot to get married.  Get panoramic views of the ocean while you take your vows.  It can get a little windy at times but getting married cliffside is a better option than a courthouse any day!
  • Beaches.  The great thing about California, especially in the central coast, is that 90 percent of the time, the weather is perfect for a beach wedding and there’s tons of beaches to choose from! Pismo Beach, Avila Beach, Morro Bay, Montana De Oro and more!
  • Hiking trails .  Along with beaches, there are also a number of scenic hiking trails in the area that frequently offer some wonderful vantage points.  If you are outdoorsy, this would be the perfect spot to have a wedding.
  • Waterfalls.  Yes waterfalls! I have done weddings in the desert at Andrea’s Canyon, near the waterfall.  Except for the minimal admission fee, this is a magical place.
  • Hotel grounds. If you are staying at a hotel, you won’t have to go far for an amazing place to get married.  Many hotels in the area have beautiful landscaped grounds and they’ll allow you to hold your wedding ceremony right there.
  • Vista Points.  So many states have scenic areas where you can meet the officiant and have a quick yet beautiful ceremony
  • Gazebos.  There are a few beautiful gazebos at the public parks in the area and many of them are free to use!

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