8 Great Reasons To Get Married


  1. The Honeymoon. No, not for the reason you think; (well, ok, that too….) But finally, the two of you can relax that anxious feeling of starting your life together, because you’ve already made the big leap to the rest of your life together.
  2. In-Laws. Really? Yep. Now, you don’t have to face your folks when they want you over for Thanksgiving: “Sorry mom – his/her mom wants us and we don’t want to choose so we’re going to Palm Springs.”
  3. Dog Duty. Finally, someone to walk your little pup while you watch the fashion show or the golf tourney.
  4. Finances. ‘Two can live as cheaply as one’. Snicker! Well, at least the rent/mortgage can be split and you can save some money for your 1 year anniversary cruise!
  5. A Built-In Prom Date. Ok, ok, it’s a little late for that, but now you can have a partner for fun things. See #4 – fun coupons. Like wine tasting, golf, vacations.
  6. The Carpool Lane. Nice! Now you can drive in the high occupancy lane and get rid of that blow up doll. Unless, of course, you think it really fools the Highway Patrol.
  7. No More “Forever Alone” Moments. You can finally go to that restaurant you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t want to go to when you were single because you didn’t want to get the ‘pity looks” from waiters. No more having to be put on the spot when someone asks, “So when are you going to get married?” “Are you still single?”
  8. A Partner In Crime. Because binge watching Netflix is a whole lot more fun when someone else is being a bum with you!

All dubious humor aside, you are getting married because you have found the person who completes you.  Someone you cherish and who cherishes you.  Someone who is (maybe not) perfect, but is perfect for you.  Just as you may not be perfect, but they think you are perfect for them.  Someone to love, to share your hopes, dreams, fears and good times with.  Someone to build a life with. Congratulations!

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