Avila Beach and Weddings on Avila Beach

A hidden gem in California


Avila Beach is one of the best kept secrets in all of California. I should know, being a beachologist who travels the world finding the very best beaches and locations for weddings. And as a location specialist, I also live part time in Avila.  That is how nice it is. I love taking my kayak out in Port San Luis and I have seen whales, dolphins, seals, all types of birds. With the juxtaposition of the area, you also get a sunrise AND a sunset. Not many places can lay claim to that. I love walking the Bob Jones trail or riding my bike on the many bike paths. I love morning coffee at Joe Momma’s.

What makes Avila so special?

  • For one, the climate. When Pismo Beach is foggy and cold, this banana belt spot has sun and clear skies.
  • Next is location. Located half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco, this easy to get to location is a perfect vacation spot.
  • Wineries. Between the wineries in Paso Robles, Edna Valley and San Luis Obispo, you can taste for days. And the quality of wine is exceptional.
  • Dining. Many world class restaurants because where you find great wine you also find chefs who can make memorable meals.
  • Relaxation. Check out Sycamore Hot Springs. Their soak tubs located on their property are one of my favorite things to do when I’m in the area.
We frequently do weddings at our secret spot right there on Avila Beach. When my brides suggest Pismo Beach, I usually steer them clear and point them to our incredible and almost private spot on the beach. I’d love to tell you where, but you’ll have to ask me personally for the location. Typically, we do the ceremonies at sunset and great photographer can capture the moments with dynamic and memorable results. Avila Beach has incredible sunsets and we have typically seen dolphins playing in the water during that time of day. The photos are as spectacular as the shots we get for our Maui Weddings so you don’t need to travel far and spend a whole lot of money for the same results. Wedding, vow renewal, commitment ceremony  or just vacation. Visit Avila Beach for a most special time of your life.


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