Unity Candle Ceremony in Pismo Beach

Unity Candle Ceremony

I officiate Unity Candle Wedding Ceremonies.

The two Flames become ONE

The Unity Candle Ceremony is a very traditional wedding event.  If you are coming for a beach or bluff wedding, a candle ceremony is not recommended as the candles will not stay lighted outside unless the winds are calm. There are some Unity Candles available where the larger Unity candle is surrounded by a larger vase screening it from the wind. On a more screened restaurant patio or outside semi-covered patio this can work. If in doubt, I would suggest that a Wine Ceremony or a Sand Ceremony would be a better choice for an outdoor event.


The Unity Candle is very traditional.

If we will be inside at a hotel, winery, Restaurant Banquet Room, or other local venue, a Unity Candle Ceremony is very beautiful. Lighting a unity candle has long been a traditional component of the wedding ceremony.

Some Unity Candles have the large candle in a wind-screening vase.

In traditional weddings, typically the mothers of the bride and groom light the candles to the left and right side of the unity (center) candle which represent the separate lives, separate families and separate life experiences before the wedding day.  After exchanging vows, but before exchanging rings, the bride and groom take each side candle and light the unity candle together, uniting the families and experiences into one.

If this ceremony is just for the two of you, the bride and groom each lights their own candle representing their life up to this day, then vows are exchanged followed by the bride and groom each taking their own candle and as a team-effort they together light the unity candle uniting as one.

Like the vase or bottle used in a Sand Ceremony, most couples will want to keep their Unity Candle and relight it on special occasions, such as their wedding anniversary. Some may decide to use their Unity Candle more broadly as a part of special celebrations, incorporating it into their annual observation of Hanukkah, Christmas or New Years. If you intend to use your Unity Candle as a part of an annual observations, you might want to choose a candle that is less “bridal” in its ornamentation. There are several Unity Candles available at Amazon and other sources.

The lighting of the Unity Candle is usually followed by the pronouncement of the couple as husband and wife.

If you’re interested in incorporating a unity candle ceremony at your wedding, I will be more than happy to help you!

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