Pismo Beach Weddings

Ah, the beautiful Central Coast! Beach weddings are just amazing and getting married in idyllic Pismo Beach is even better. I officiate weddings in Pismo Beach as well as the entire Central Coast. I also provide wedding officiation services for all California Beach Weddings.

There’s nothing like a wedding on the beach in Pismo Beach – getting married on it is here at Pismo Beach or some of the other lovely beaches up and down the California Central Coast.

It is very romantic here with the waves crashing and the warm sand between your toes during your beach wedding ceremony.

Ask anyone – I am the QUEEN of beach weddings. Come on now ladies! If you are considering a beach ceremony, call me. Let’s make you a magical day of it.

So you think you are unusual and have a weird request?

Don’t give it another thought!

We can accommodate whatever it is you desire! Contact us today.