Casual Weddings

I officiate Casual Weddings.

There are many, many couples who truly love each other but don’t want all the pomp and circumstance of a more planned wedding event. The motivation is many-fold. Some are shy. Some live far from family and friends. Some couples are madly, passionately in love, but one or both prefer the relationship kept private. It’s normal. I completely understand.

Just the couple ceremony is way more common than the stereotypical big wedding at the big church, with the stretch limo, tin cans and Uncle Ben’s rice! Trust me. The intimate, private ceremony is a wonderful, stress-free, intimate wedding that is actually the norm. The norm simply does not get any news coverage for obvious reasons! And the money saved? Spend it on your honeymoon!

A casual wedding can be be informal in dress, in attitude, or both.

A casual wedding can take place on the beach, along a fabulous hiking trail here on the coast, out in the ocean in kayak, at your hotel, or for you locals, in your living room.

A casual wedding can even be performed sitting at an outdoor table at The CheeseCake Factory with surrounding diners clueless about the ceremony taking place. It’s really all up to you!

Casual wedding attire is all up to you. A casual wedding has so many benefits that includes intimacy and no stress!

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