Instant Weddings

I officiate Instant Weddings

Do you need a wedding ceremony performed on short notice ? I call that my Instant Weddings…

Instant Weddings or what some call emergency weddings, are really very common. Depending on my schedule, I can usually accommodate you. Most planned weddings occur on a weekend, and I am more likely to have available time on weekdays, but my schedule is often flexible so call me or contact me and let’s see if our dates are in alignment.

For those who wonder if an Instant Wedding is unusual, let me reassure you that they are more common than you might think. Consider:

Love and Passion – Can’t be without your soul mate for one more minute? Like the Hollywood movies of running off to Las Vegas or Atlantic City… Call me. I’m grinning from ear to ear! I can get you hitched faster than you can say ” I do “.

Time issues – Too busy to plan a big expensive show? Demanding profession? Always traveling? Well, then just point your car or your travel agent toward the Central Coast and we can set up something super-convenient for you.

Immigration Issues – Many people, under the direction of their attorney, or to avoid deportation, seek an Instant Wedding as a requirement to qualify for a green card. This doesn’t mean the ceremony cannot be special or memorable!

Immigrants Special Considerations – Some couples residing in the United States, but madly in love, may want to have a quick wedding ceremony with me to “make it legal and honorable,” and then have the classic, formal wedding in their home countries later on at their relaxed convenience.

Insurance Issues – Sometimes illnesses or accidents ratchet up the scheduled wedding date. This would be more for the locals within the Central Coast Region where I can perform the ceremony in the hospital.

Property Legal Issues – Are you buying property, and your attorney suggests the best course of action to insure ownership is a marriage contract? Don’t think you are unusual, there are many escrows that have persuaded a couple to have a ceremony sooner rather than later .

Military Deployment – This has been a classic for centuries. How many World War II movies have the wedding just prior to the train pulling from the station? Obviously, you don’t really know when you’ll see each other again and you are not sure you’ll have a better opportunity to get married. Not unusual either! Call me…

Pourpourri – Gosh, virtually any reason you can think of. I’ve shared my instant wedding stories – go ahead and surprise me with a new one. I’ll make a whole new category of Instant Weddings right here in your honor… Whatever the reason you require an immediate wedding ceremony, call me and let’s see if I can be there for you.

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