Short and Sweet Marriage Ceremony

elopeI officiate Short and Sweet Marriage Ceremonies

I have several Short and Sweet Marriage vows that I can provide for you or you can read one that you have.

With all the stress of combining your independent, separate lives into one, it is not uncommon for a couple to have a bout of stage fright or become shy at the prospect of complicated wedding vows. I can help put an end to your concerns. We can have a Short and Sweet, no-fuss, quick, simple ceremony. Many an engaged couple is so deeply in love, one with another, that they don’t feel the need to express some contrived, invented vow to each other or in front of guests. I totally understand. I get it!

The request for me to perform a short wedding ceremony is commonplace – no worries! We can make it as short as a minute if you’d like – it’s all up to you. Obviously, there are a few requirements for a wedding ceremony, such as you both have to verbally agree to be married, but that can be done very quickly and casually as well. The state of California is very relaxed and flexible and has no business meddling in your affairs. You are not required to exchange rings, or kiss, or say anything to each other if you simply want to get the ceremony concluded and get on with your new lives together. Just let me know what you are comfortable with and we will keep it Short and Sweet!

Remember, it’s your wedding and it should be done your way.

Contact me and let’s see if my calendar is open for your planned date.

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