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Pismo Beach Weddings Specializes in Officiating Simple Weddings.

I get the calls…”We just want something sweet and simple.

If you’ve read any of my other wedding ceremony types, I’m thinking that you are coming to see this from my perspective. Simple Weddings are the norm! Weddings are inherently a private matter between two people. It is Hollywood movies, TV, teenage magazines, and societies’ perceived expectations that seems to pressure us to make a big, expensive shindig out of our wedding. The truth is, many couples just do not want the drama, the expense, the pressure, the planning, or the stress.

From my vantage point, it seems that most couples are simply not into the spectacle, hoopla and stress of a big wedding. And frankly, if you are doing a California Style wedding, by definition, it is just the two of you or a very small gathering.

The local bluffs overlooking the ocean are perfect for a Simple Wedding Ceremony.

If you are dreaming of a Simple Wedding, call me. Let’s get the ball rolling. Whatever simple wedding ceremony you want, we can quickly put together… We can have a quick, private ceremony on a secluded sandy beach, or we can take advantage of some spectacular bluffs here in Pismo Beach, overlooking the soothing sound of the surf. The beaches, trails, and bluffs here are lovely and perfect for many couples. Want something more indoors where you can get comfy, have room for presents? Let’s consider the private patio of a cozy, local restaurant where you and perhaps a few close friends can eat and party after the ceremony. Simpler than that? I can get you hitched in your hotel room and minutes later you can drive Highway 1, and appreciate the scenic coast as a newly married couple!

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