Wedding Ceremonies with Children


weddingwithchildrenIf you’re blending a family or you already have children together, incorporating them into your ceremony would make for a lovely and sweet moment that you, as a family, can share in together and remember always. In marriage with kids, you’re not only making a commitment to each other to love and honor, but you’re making a commitment to the children as well.

Imagine years from now, as they look back on the special day that their parents got married, they’ll remember how they were a part of it all. This will be a wedding gift that that never gets old and will always hold a special place in their hart.

Your kids can be part of the wedding party in many different ways; they can walk down the aisle (or sand!) in any number of roles: bridesmaids, flower child, groomsmen, ring bearer, or just a part of the wedding without a formal designation. It is not uncommon for children to give the bride away as well.  For older or adult children, they could read a favorite passage or quote before or after you say your vows. Another idea would be for the couple to write a vow to their children, which they will say during the vow exchange. The possibilities are endless and I can help you with ideas on how to include the children on your special day!

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  1. Marriage Celebrant March 21, 2017 4:17 am #

    Involving the children in a marriage can make a huge happy memory in their little brain! This will make the bonding stronger between the two families. A wedding is not just a ceremony for the children but it will make them believe that, marriage is very important and special in life!

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