California Bluff Weddings

I officiate California Bluff Weddings

Okay you chuckle… “How is a Bluff different from a Beach?

Oops… “You got me!”

Well, frankly, there are lots of little differences – minutia to be sure – but here in Pismo Beach we have the choice, so let’s talk about it.

The Bluffs are a little easier access than a Sand Ceremony.

The Bluffs here look down upon the sand and the surf. So if you are wearing $1,200 shoes that the sand might dull, and you are not normally a barefoot person, the Bluff is for you! The views are just as spectacular, as are the mellow sounds of the surf below us. The perch is higher and still a perfect venue for a California outdoor wedding. The access to the Bluffs are on solid ground (not sand) and we are closer to hard surface sidewalks, parking, and access to your car. Getting a cooler of drinks or a bottle of champagne is a bit easier on the bluff than on the sand. Most of the bluffs have gazebos or covers that can shade us from sunlight or make for a different photograph than the beach ceremony. There are often tables on the bluffs and typically not on the local beaches. Frankly, I can take you for pre-ceremony walk about with you to choose the setting that you would prefer if your choices are between Beach and Bluff.

Bluff or Beach – there’s nothing like California Coast Wedding.

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