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Move over Napa and Sonoma! The California Central Coast Wineries are making serious inroads into the wine market. The slightly warmer climate and micro climates of the hills and valleys of the central coast are proving to be magical growing climates for many incredible and well-known vineyards. There are many variations of a Wine Ceremony. So many that there is no right or wrong way to perform such a ceremony. You can invent your own.

As many know, the Jewish wedding traditions consist of drinking wine and then taking a glass, wrapping it in a cloth napkin and it is placed on the floor, where the chatan (Hebrew for groom) shatters it with his foot as an expression of sadness at the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, and identifies the couple with the spiritual and national destiny of the Jewish people.

Non denominational and secular versions are for two glasses to be poured and the bridal couple sips their wine while their arms are interlocked – very much in keeping with the first bite of a wedding cake.

Here in wine country, the vintners often suggest taking a white wine and a dark red wine. As the bridal couple sips each glass independently, they then pour their respective wines into a third glass where the red and white wine combines “as ONE” in the new glass as a rose wine. While they are pouring the wine and it is becoming a NEW wine, they recite vows of their hearts and bodies coming together as one. If flowers are ordered or arranged by me or a local restaurant or a winery, we will often have while roses on the Chablis side, dark red roses on the Cabernet or Burgundy side and in the center we will have pink roses…

If you are having guest, you have a very affordable option by having the ceremony at a local winery where they can have any number of wines custom labeled for your renewal vows, commitment or wedding ceremony so that your guests have some memorable gifts to take home.

Other considerations of booking a small, private event at a local Coastal Winery:

Wine! – You and your guests can sample a variety of the vineyard’s freshest varietals. Setting – Lush vineyards, interesting cellars, outdoor elegance or a cozy indoor setting.

Privacy – Having your ceremony at a private vineyard is both quaint and private.

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