Renewal of Vows

I officiate Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

The Renewal Of Vows Ceremony is a ceremony largely driven by a few typical reasons; to openly express your love for each other again and celebrate how far you have come in your relationship. To celebrate the words of your original commitment or vows, or to pronounce new vows to your loving partner, husband or wife, given that your life has changed; your life has grown to include children and grandchildren, or simply do something spontaneous, followed up with a honeymoon or a weekend in a coastal hotel in celebration.

Sea Otters frequent Morro Bay an the Central California Coast

GUYS! Pay Attention! Do you want to make a big impression on your bride of umpteen years?  Listen up  and consider this awesome surprise!

Here’s how easy it is:  Schedule a trip down from San Francisco or up from Los Angeles for the “spontaneous purpose” of taking a weekend off with your sweetheart. Come here to eat great food, and drink some amazing Coastal wines while you watch the sea otters frolic in the surf.

You’ll have accommodations overlooking the surf in Pismo Beach, Morro Bay or perhaps a quaint Bed and Breakfast in a Coastal Vineyard.

Later, rent a couple of kayaks at the Embarcadero and take a leisurely kayak tour of Morro Bay. It is so easy! No work. No effort. Incredible fun! Anyone can paddle a lightweight kayak.

 Then… Drum-Roll please…. When you land on the Morro Bay Rock, have a blanket  ready, spread out some sandwiches, pop open a bottle of champagne and I’ll be there to  help you renew your vows right there, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

Let’s Arrange a Vows Renewal On the Bluffs!

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with you and your sweetheart sitting in the gazebo on one of the magnificent bluffs in Morrow Bay admiring the views when yours truly (*ahem* – me again) strolls up at the pre-arranged surprise hour for a quick little Vows Renewal Ceremony!

You’ll recognize me immediately! I will be the bubbly lady grinning ear-to-ear carrying a wicker picnic basket filled with some local Coastal cheeses, crackers, local Coastal champagne or wine, glasses, and maybe a Sand Ceremony Vase – something you can present to your bride when the vows are over and I exit stage left — just as mysteriously as I entered stage right!

It’s easy, affordable and most of all romantic. Something she’s sure to tell all her friends and family for years to come! Can you say, “brownie points?”

What are you waiting for? Let me help you plan an amazing surprise renewal ceremony that she’s sure to remember for years to come!

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