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How to Write Your Wedding Vows

The big request people ask of me: “How to Write Wedding Vows.”

There are a a few things that you should keep in mind when you write your own wedding vows:

Vows are promises couples make to each other. Each party is expected to abide by them through out their married life. These are not just words, but your true feelings for you and your soul mate.

It is easier said than done! It can be a very challenging task.

Nonetheless, writing your own wedding vows makes your wedding more special. The vows stay with you through your marriage.

Keep your wedding vows concise, yet meaningful. You do not want to have TOO MUCH verbiage. It’s like showing home movies. Don’t torture you or your guests with a long wedding ceremony. The shorter ceremonies are most often the BEST!

If you to write your own wedding vows, have someone you trust review them and give you feedback.

There is nothing wrong with taking “canned” wedding vows and using them as a template to stimulate your thinking! Weddings ceremonies come from ancient times and you need not feel as if you have to reinvent the wheel. Simply pick bits and pieces of vows that fit you and how you feel. Many will add in wedding poems or wedding songs that move you.

You can say anything that you want to say that is fitting for your relationship so long as you both agree to be married somewhere in the wedding program.

You might want to include a scriptural passage that you like, lyrics from a meaningful song, or a wedding love poem. An invited guest, a member of the wedding party, or yours truly, can recite this wedding passage, lyric or poem. It is not out of the ordinary for the bride or groom to recite or sing a wedding love poem to each other.

Your vows are a wonderful forum to express how you feel about each other. Your wedding ceremony is your expression of love for your partner, and your pronouncement to the world.

A traditional wedding ceremony has these common steps:

1. The wedding processional (walking down the aisle)
2. The opening of the ceremony (acknowledging the guests, if any)
3. Some words from me, Andrea, on love, marriage or I’ll read a wedding poem
4. The wedding vows by me or by you (perhaps a poem here too)
5. The ring exchange ( wedding ring exchange vows )
6. The pronouncement of marriage, vows renewal, or commitment
7. Blessing or wedding day poem
8. The introduction as husband and wife, or committed partners
9. The wedding recessional

Many of these traditional ceremony steps are not included in a typical California small wedding such as a: beach wedding, a bluff wedding, or an Instant Wedding or where there’s just the two of you and a witness. You will likely want to forgo many of these steps. So take a look and decide which steps to remove – – – it’s all your choice.

If these ideas to create your wedding vows, for your smaller, more quaint Central Coast Wedding, still make you feel overwhelmed, I would suggest you pick up the phone and call me. I’ll make this easier for you.

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